We are a boutique Full service production house for intentional, artisanal and fashion forward brands looking to elevate their story and mission through artful, emotive imagery, cinematography, and story-telling.

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Vsionary Creative Director, Producer, and Scenographer with a passion for creating magical moments that last a lifetime. With a BFA in Film Studies from Ryerson University and a post-graduate diploma in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College (specializing in Editing, Rights Management, and Technology), Kirsten has honed her skills in storytelling and design, bringing an artful, luxurious, and feminine touch to everything she creates.

As the Founder and Owner of Nobl Events Fine Art Wedding Studio in Toronto, Kirsten has earned a reputation for her ability to transform spaces into dreamlike settings that capture the imagination and stir the senses. Her work is a reflection of her deep understanding of the power of beauty and the transformative effect it can have on our lives.


Creative Director, Writer, Cinematographer & Photographer with a unique vision for story-telling. Graduating with a BFA from the University of Toronto, Mouna has since honed her skills in fashion and marketing, earning a reputation for her emotive photography work that has been featured in leading publications around the globe, including British and Italian Vogue.

Her work is ethereal, inherently feminine, and known for its romantic qualities. She brings her signature style to all her projects, whether art directing a shoot or helping brands find their voice through poetic and intentional copy.
Mouna uses film photography and super 8mm motion picture to tell stories that transport the viewer to another realm. Her ability to connect with her subjects and capture their essence is a testament to her dedication of her craft.



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